Member Agreement

Picking Up Your Share - Once you have signed up, we will email you instructions on picking up at your host site.  You must pick up your share within the time frame allotted. If you are unable to pick it up for any reason, please have a friend or neighbor do so for you.  Please make sure they know exactly what to take to prevent any confusion. If you miss picking up your share it will be donated to the site host and it will not be available for you to pick up later.

Break Down Your Share Box We ask that you gently flatten your CSA share box each week. Take the plastic bag from out of the box, flatten gently by pulling the tabs out from the bottom of the box and stack the flattened boxes neatly at your site. Site hosts appreciate a clean stack of boxes each week.

Weekly Newsletter - We will send an email newsletter, usually the day before you pick up your share, as a reminder to pick up your share. It will include information about what veggies you can expect, what is happening on our farms and any announcements. If there are any important alerts/changes, we will inform you via email and we will expect that you received and understand the information.

Changing Your Pick-up Site or Subscription - If you would like to change your pick-up site, share size, add items to your subscription or anything else please email or call us a week in advance of your next delivery and we will make the changes for you. 

Payments - If for some reason you are behind on your payments, we will notify you, and you should continue to pick-up your share unless we tell you that we have cancelled your subscription.

Paying Electronically with Credit/Debit Cards: If you choose to pay with credit card and you choose a payment plan, our system will debit your account roughly monthly for a total of 3 installments.
Paying Electronically with Dwolla:  saves us in high credit card processing fees. Please consider setting up a Dwolla account. You can pay all at once or log in monthly and make installment payments.
Paying with a Paper Check/s: You can pay in Full or if you would like to pay in installments please mail us all of them at once postdated out monthly.
Paying with SNAP Benefits: To help make the share accessible to lower income members we will apply a 10% discount to produce share purchased with SNAP (limit 1 per household). We'll get in touch with you to get your payment information, and you will be charged once a month throughout the season.

Canceling Your Subscription - You may cancel your subscription at any time, just email or call us a week in advance of your next delivery to let us know.  We will charge a $50.00 cancellation fee and refund you for the rest of your balance.

Vacations - Since the harvest continues all season, we continue our CSA deliveries as well, and if you are on vacation, we cannot cancel or reschedule the delivery for you.  If you are unable to pick up your share, please contact us a week in advance of your delivery and we'll send your share to the Food Bank instead of letting it go to waste. You can also send a friend or neighbor pick it up on your behalf.

Missed Your Pick-up ? You must pick up your share on your designated pickup day and during your designated pick up time. If you miss picking up your share it will be donated to the site host and it will not be available for you to pick up later.

Something is Missing at Your Pick-up Site - Please let us know if anything is missing from your pick-up site or from your share.  We will do our best to remedy the situation, but often when something is missing, we are unable to replace the item and instead will give you credit for it. We will always try our best to find out what went wrong and remedy the problem.

Unsatisfied with the Box you Receive ? We'll make it up to you. Email or call us as soon as possible and let's talk about it. You are an important part of our quality control because we don't get to see how things look after you get them home. Feedback is always encouraged.

Exceptions for National Holidays - Occasionally, if a site host is closed or unable to host on or near a holiday, we will adjust the time or change the location or day of delivery. We will let you know if this is the case for your location.

Refer your Friends - If your friends mention your name upon signup, you'll receive credit to use in our online store.

If you have any questions - email: or call 724-840-1672


  1. Hello. What is the location, day and time for the Regent Square drop point. Thank you!

  2. Hi Debbie,

    Thanks for your interest! Our Regent Square host site is Biddle's Escape. We deliver there Wednesdays, and the pickup window is between 2pm and 8pm. Any other questions, please let us know!

  3. Hello! What is the drop off location for Southside?

  4. Hi Bronwyn! Thank you for your interest! Our Southside CSA host site is Delanie's Coffee on the corner of 17th street and Carson.