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Community supported agriculture (CSA) is a way for you to connect with the farms and farmers that grow your food.  At its most basic level, a CSA involves subscribing to a portion of a farm or cooperative's harvest for a given season, but it's about a lot more than just the produce.  We consider our CSA to be the best expression of the mission and vision of our cooperative, and joining it as the best way for people to connect to that mission--and to enjoy a bit of agrarian life in their wider community.

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As a Member You Will... 
...Commit to a full 24 weeks of deliveries (see our Farm Contract for details) and will receive a weekly farm-share of the most fresh, local, organic produce available during our main 24 week growing season. Your farm share will be delivered to a pickup location of your choice and you will pick it up there yourself each week. This is the cornerstone of what our farms are about, and the main benefit of the CSA.  You will receive an entire season of produce grown right here in your area and get to enjoy the taste, variety, and seasonal changes that our region has to offer.

Our aim is not just to provide quality, local and organic produce--but to provide a connection with the farms, plants, farmers and seasons that all come together to make that produce what it is. Each week you will receive a newsletter with updates about what is happening on the farms. In addition to your weekly farm-share, you will be encouraged to visit our farms, see your food as it's growing in the fields, and meet the families that grow and harvest it for you.  We have a number of events planned throughout the growing season: strawberry picking in the spring, garlic harvest in the summer, and winter squash picking in the fall.

What's in a Share?
You can see what our members received in past shares here.

You can expect to receive 6-10 different items each week in our Standard shares and 5-8 in our Small shares. With twelve farmers working together we can promise a lot of variety. We grow some rare, heirloom, and unusual varieties of produce that our farmers and customers have really enjoyed in the past, and we like to try a few new ones each year as well. The shares vary through the season, with more greens and baby vegetables in the early summer and more roots and starchy crops in the fall. We try to include one fruit in each share when available.

Due to the unpredictability of agriculture, we cannot promise any specific quantities or varieties of produce, but each of our farms grows a wide variety of produce throughout the season, and since we are a cooperative of growers, we are able to better guarantee that you will receive as much variety and quantity as possible, over an extended season.

All of the produce you will receive is organic, locally grown, and will be picked and delivered to you as fresh as possible.

What Makes Clarion River Organics' CSA unique?
  • All of our farms are certified organic and all of the produce you receive will be organically grown
  • Our farms use draft animals and human power instead of mechanized techniques
  • All of our farms are family-owned and operated
  • Because we are a cooperative of 12 farms working together, we are better able to provide you with a wide variety of produce over an extended season

CSA Manager

Clarion River Organics
824 Whitmer Rd
Sligo, PA 16255

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