Saturday, December 22, 2012

Winter - Week # 4


I hope you are doing well. Our shares this week include; red savoy cabbage, blue potatoes, sweet dumpling squash, candy onion, rutabagas, green meat radishes, mixed beets, elephant garlic cloves, sweet pepper relish, and either spinach, lettuce, or kale.

New in the shares this week are: blue potatoes, green meat radishes, elephant garlc clobes, and sweet pepper relish.

Blue potatoes are just another fun variety of your normal gold or red potato. They have an especially beautiful skin, that looks even better when wet or cooked, and slightly purple insides as well. If you plan to mash them, I recommend keeping the skins, since it will make them a good bit brighter, otherwise, just use any way you would normally use a potato.

The green meat radishes, also called Chinese green meat radishes sometimes, are like a sweeter, more flavorful version of daikon radishes. They are great sliced into salads, shredded into slaws, or sliced and pan fried or roasted.

Elephant garlic is a really wonderful variety that I have come to enjoy this season, and I think you will find it very easy to enjoy as well. It is oddly enough closer related to leeks than garlic, but the flavor is definitely garlicky, though much less intense than normal garlic. Since it is less intense, it is much more palatable raw, and can be used in salads, or sliced raw into pasta or other dishes, if you like the raw garlic taste. I much prefer it roasted, and if you roast the cloves whole, they turn melty and gooey and are excellent spread on bread. They can also easily be sliced and pan fried to make deliciously crispy, garlicky 'chips' that go well with pasta or salads.

Our sweet pepper relish is one of many new products that we had canned this summer. It is made from our produce, and processed at a small facility in Punxsutawney. We have been trying to find more ways to preserve some of our produce for winter, and I think this one turned out very well. Though the labels say 'jam', it's really more of a relish, and goes great with crackers and cheese--it would make a great holiday snack!

Things at the co-operative have continued to go well. We have had lots of meetings about all sorts of things, and have a lot of plans starting to come together for next season. Soon we will start tackling the distribution details of the CSA and have a plan together for sites/times/prices so we can begin sign-ups for next summer. We hope to have that together sometime in early January.

Please remember to return your bags.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.



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