Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sunday - Week # 22


I hope you are doing well. Our Small Shares this week have bok choi, daikon radish, pie pumpkin, mixed color bets with their greens, jerusalem artichokes, mixed color poblano peppers, and mixed color potatoes. Our full shares have all of that, including additional daikons, poblanos, peppers and jerusalem artichokes, as well as green kale, carrots, and yellow onion.

New in the shares this week are our jerusalem artichokes, daikon radishes, and carrots.

The jerusalem artichokes; which are also known as sunchokes; and are not related to Jerusalem (the city) or artichokes at all, but are native to the Americas and are a relative of the sunflower. They grow from beautiful plants that have huge, tall, stalks with large flowers at the top, very similar to sunflowers. They have been grown in many areas of North America for thousands of years, and have a tendency to take over fields and grow wild once cultivated once. They have a slightly sweet flavor and smooth, moist texture. You can slice or grate them raw into salads, or most commonly people peel and boil or roast them. They are also good mixed with other root vegetables, like potatoes.

The daikon radishes are very mild and very slightly sweet radishes that are mostly used for salads, but also often cut and eaten with dip. They can also be pickled, or added to pickles, salsas, or slaws.

I am sure you are all acquainted with carrots and will spare you any description of what to do with them.

It is very hard to believe that this is our FINAL WEEK, but alas, it is. I hope you have all enjoyed the season and learned as much as we have. We will send out one final newsletter next week with a season re-cap and a feedback survery that I hope you will complete. You may keep your final bag if you desire, but if you are not planning on using it, we ask that you return it to your location in the next week, and we will pick them up.

Please remember to return your bags.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.



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