Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sunday - Week # 20


I hope you are doing well. Our small shares this week have candy onions, rutabagas, savoy cabbage, red beets, and sweet banana peppers. Our full shares have all of that, including additional beets, potatoes and rutabaga, as well as blue hubbard or green kabocha squash and mustard greens.

New in the shares this week are our blue hubbard squash and mustard greens.

The blue hubbard squash have an extremely hard skin, and can be the longest lasting of all our varieties of winter squash. If you find them too hard to cut, you can put them in a bag, and simply throw them at the ground to break them open, and cut them from there. Their flavor is mildly nutty, and they have a smooth, moist, yellow flesh inside.

The mustard greens are specifically Green Wave mustard greens, and they have a very strong, spicy, mustard flavor. Like the bok choy last week, they have been harvested young, so you can eat them raw, or give them a very light steaming. They can work like a lettuce in a salad, or as a cooking green, on their own or to spice up another dish.

I know some of the cabbages this week were enormous, but as with almost everything in this week's share, it will last for quite a long time, so please don't feel like you have to eat it all quickly. The cabbage will store best in your crisper, or even better, wrapped in plastic, or in a plastic bag. Though many people like to cut them in half, the outer leaves will dry up and go bad first, so it's better to just remove the outer leaves and cut them up if you are only using some at a time. Since the shares this week also have beets, I recommend trying a beets and cabbage slaw; just shred some of each, mix with other vegetables if you like (onion, rutabaga, or sweet peppers would go well), and add mayo, oil and vinegar, or a dressing of your choice.

These are our first shares after the first frost, and I am sure you can notice already that they are mostly made up of 'storage crops'. As we wrap up the rest of the season (there are 2 more weeks), the shares will largely contain the same kinds of vegetables, though specific varieties will shift. These are a pretty good sample of what our Winter Shares will be like, though they will also include some of our grains and canned goods as well.

Some of you might be wondering about apples. We do grow a fair number of them, but were planning on buying some in this year so we could include them more often. Due to a series of late frosts this spring that damaged the blossoms, our trees this year have produced just about nothing, and we have reached out to other organic farms, and have not been able to find anybody with apples in Western PA or SouthEast Ohio. This season has mostly been a fantastic one for us, and we are well on track to break records for production and sales, but even in a good year, there are some things that don't work out, and it seems like apples are a big one this year.

Please remember to return your bags.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.



A Note on Store Credit and the Online Store:

For a variety of reasons, many of you have received credit to our Online Store. Those credits will expire at the end of this season (2 more weeks), and will not be able to be used after that. You can view your account and see if you have credits by clicking here. They are called "Farmigo Credits" and can be used for the purchase of anything in our Online Store. You don't have to use any special codes, just add anything to your cart and the system will automatically deduct it from your total before checking out. Please remember, for your pick-up sites, the Online Store opens Mondays at 12am, and closes on Thursdays at 4pm.

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