Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sunday - Week 11


I hope you are doing well this week. It's hard to believe, but we are now halfway through the season. This week our small shares have butternut squash, rainbow chard, orange yummi peppers, fresh red onion, and red or yellow seedless watermelons. The full shares have all of that and in addition, a second fresh red onion, heirloom tomato, basil, eggplant, and purple string beans.

New in the small shares this week are butternut squash and orange yummi pepers. Butternut squash is prbably the most popul variety of winter squash, and for good reason. It has a sweet, mildly nutty flavor that goes well in all kinds of dishes--curry, roast vegetables, or pie. You can use butternuts in any pumpkin pie recipe, and many people, including our growers, insist it's far superior. The organge yummi peppers are incredibly sweet, and have a crisp pepper flavor to them. I think they are great un-cooked, but if you cook them, they will carmelize and get even sweeter.

New in the full shares this week are the same items.

You will also notice that we have included a letter in each share from one of the newest members of our cooperative, Daniel Miller. We received a lot of feedback in the surveys that said people are interested in knowing more about what is happening on the farms, so we thought it would be a good idea to share right from the farmers. I try to convey generally the kind of feedback you all provide back to our growers as well--but if you are interested in writing back to our farmers in general, or a family in particular--please feel free to send me a message via email, or just ask for their address, and I will make sure to share it. They are always very interested in knowing how you're finding all the produce, and the CSA in general.

Though we are just now halfway through the season, we are certainly more than halfway through at least the beginnings of our many varieties of produce. We will still have a few new items coming into season, at least 1 each week, and our greens and lettuces will be back again in a few weeks, but most of the items that we grow are currently in season and will continue to be until around the first frost in mid-October--hence why this is the peak of the season for us. I am sad to say that late blight has come and destroyed all of the field tomatoes of 2 of the 3 growers in our cooperative who grow them. including all of our romas and some of our other varieties. Luckily, our heirlooms and slicing tomatoes are surviving, at least for now. Otherwise, things are going smoothly on the farms and at the cooperative. We have a quarterly all-growers' meeting on Monday where we will discuss the remainder of the season, so hopefully I will have some more updates for you then. You should expect to receive a flier for our upcoming Peak of the Season Farm Tours (name is still in the works); which will be this Labor Day (Sept 3) on the farms.

Please remember to return your bags.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.



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