Thursday, July 19, 2012

Join us for our Garlic Harvest - Next Week!

Hello Members,

How would you like to get your hands in the soil and help out on the farm for a day?

A lot of CSA's ask for volunteers to help with the farm work, and some even require it of their members. It's a great way for members to see how things work on the farm, get a little hands-on experience, and help out their farmers. Since we're a group of farms and further away from most of you it's not as easy to have regular volunteers, but we still want to offer you a chance to make that connection.

Next week we'll be trying to finish up the garlic harvest and we'd be glad for any help CSA members would like to offer. From Monday through Saturday, 8 am to 8 pm, we'll be glad to bring you out to the garlic patch and work with you to get it dug up and put in the drying rack. You'll be welcome to take a bunch home with you where it will keep for months. You can come work anywhere from an hour to all day if you want, so you could fit in a picnic and a visit to any of the hiking and biking trails or canoe trips here in the area. You can also visit the other farms while you are here and pick up some fresh goat cheese from River View Dairy.

It's likely to be pretty hot and sunny most of the week, so be sure to bring a hat, work gloves, sunblock and plenty of water and snacks. On Saturday, when we expect the most people to make it out, we'd like to have a potluck picnic in the field. There is no expectation that members should help harvest - you support us enough just by being members - but I know there are some people who'd be glad of a chance to get out on a farm and do something physical and productive and connected to food and nature and I want to give you that chance. Just let me know at least a day ahead of time when you plan to come out and we'll be sure to clear time in our schedule to do some harvesting then.


Zeb Bartels
Thousand Suns Farm/Clarion River Organics

Zeb is a founder of our cooperative and currently is our president as well as one of our farmers. Him and his wife, Carla, are hosting this event. If you are coming up to help out, please meet them at our warehouse; at 624 Whitmer Rd / Sligo, PA 16255. The garlic patch is only a short distance from there, and they can provide you with directions if you'd like to visit any of the other farms while you are there.

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